Me, Myself and AI

Internet as Food

So-called "Artificial Intelligence" (AI) models are trained using data from the internet. Thus the public web has become food for future technology and this will always be so. Unfortunately the proliferation of generative AI (since ChatGPT appeared in 2022) is shrinking the ratio of original human content to generated stuff. Nearly every news image now is from Dall-E and what you're reading may have been written using these algorithms.

Your voice written and published to the internet will become part of the greater whole of AI. Now is the most important time to do this! In the absence of human voices, the data will become increasingly biased and unbalanced no matter the kinds of promises corporations make you.

Think of this process as planting a seed so that a later generation will have a forest. These things take time to grow and develop and putting it off means that someone else will have to do that work and waiting later ... perhaps when it's too late. That forest biome can create sustainable life just as original creative expression and knowledge can create sustainable artificial intelligence algorithms.

It's time to create good food for the future so that it isn't fed junk food such as reactionary comments.