Hello Future

We are building the next big thing and busy doing it. Email n@walkinthewoods.llc for more information.

Observation and Mission

Humans are destined to make progress, it's a big part of what makes us a unique species. The important thing is to guide how that progress is made. Anxiety and dread underpin our modern living even as technology brings us to new levels of wealth, comfort and convenience. We are missing the space in between those moments of movement. We need time to breathe, to reflect, to enjoy, and to express.

You need the minutia and noise to be reduced or eradicated. You need your wasted time returned to you. Time is the essence of our precious lives, it is the one true currency, and it is far too easy to spend.

Our mission is to build huge gaps of time in your life so that you can focus on things that matter to your legacy. I want you to use your distinct voice to help me evolve the internet into a better place. If every website has a soul then our virtual world will be an incredible forest of human knowledge, sentiment and creativity.