Introverted Engineer Entrepreneurs

Economic Buyer

Engineer entrepreneurs

End User

Engineer entrepreneurs


Potential investors or beta testers

Customer Problem

They need to demonstrate and get feedback on their technology products without extensive setup or social exposure.

Actual State

Current Workaround

Relying on written feedback, formal demos, or traditional surveys, which can be intimidating and time-consuming.

Desired State

Our Solution

Surfey allows quick, informal video surveys to demonstrate products and gather feedback privately and efficiently.

Pain Points

Pain Relievers


Incomplete or delayed feedback, decreased confidence in product viability, slower development cycles.


Improved feedback quality and speed, increased confidence in product development, better decision-making.

Scoring System

1 - 5


There is no single identifiable buyer


Buyers have a compelling reason to buy


Our solution is fit for purpose


No competition is expected


Lots of products try to win over business owners but few help introverts

We are confident to win this niche


Total Score