Orange Marmalade

Part 1. Record (10 seconds)

Tell me what you think of orange marmalade.

5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Thank you for your time.

Part 2. Wait (50 seconds)

Hey hey, Neil here and I just created a "selfie video survey" or Surfey that will be ready to share in about a minute.

While we're waiting, let me explain how this all works.

Participants will activate their selfie camera as they watch my survey video. Their responses and reactions will be recorded both audibly and visually. This will provide natural and spontaneous feedback.

That pause I gave after asking my question about Orange Marmalade is to give the viewer that time to respond. If I hadn't paused then they'd have no time to answer.

I could ask multiple questions and then pause between each one. There's no hard limit on the length of videos but remember that human attention quickly fades after 8.25 seconds.

Part 3. Respond

Since this is nearly complete let me switch over to our survey participant, Knobert, who is using a low-end Android phone.

Pick up Android; present screen w/ audio.

He receives the QR code, scans it with his camera, and is taken to Surfey where he is required to login. His email will not be revealed unless he chooses.

Tapping the PLAY icon asks for his consent and then he can start.

(Since Knobert has been here before, he's already agreed to the terms.)

Click START ... "What is that, some kind of jam?"

Participation is precious and processing is deferred so Knobert is not kept waiting.

Stop presenting and switch back to main presentation.

Part 4. Review

Refreshing our survey page now we see that there is a response from Private User. That's Knobert, of course, but he chose not to reveal his identity. Privacy is critical for user trust and honest responses.

Remember these videos take about a minute to finish processing so it may be a bit before we can watch. Then we can review it standalone or use DuoPlay which simulates the survey experience and helps align our questions to their answers.

And it really is that simple.

Part 5. Closing

Now this is only a demo of Surfey, the full app is coming soon (for iPhone and Android), and we have key features in the works like automated transcription, AI analysis, and powerful privacy options for respondents.

Please visit SURFEY.ME (that's S-U-R-F-E-Y-dot-M-E) and sign up for our newsletter to learn more.