What are selfie video surveys good for?

This is mainly a brainstorm to help me find an encourage people to use it.

Voxpopme has a good Use Cases page that I referenced.

A/B Preference Survey

Battle Plan Daily

Create a Surfey for yourself that primes you with repeat information / affirmations and then asks some key questions about the actions you'll take during the day. Your responses can be recorded from anywhere, such as during commute, and then provide a video history and reminder of your progress.

Brand Perception Surveys

Find out what people really think of a particular brand

Concept Testing

Test warmth before writing code.


Candidates can be interviewed using a set of canned questions and then reviewed by hiring personnel to determine if they're worth reaching out to for more.


Put a QR code on your business card or signage (real estate agent?) that allows people to leave you brief message. You could even create different "video mail" boxes for different locations if you're a real estate agent so that you can see who sees what.

Meet Your Customer

SaaS businesses rarely see their users in person and this is a good way to meet them "face to face" without awkwardness.


Create a note-taking Surfey for quickly brainstorming ideas and recording them as short selfie videos.

Product Testing

Users can film themselves trying out your product based on the prompting in your video.


Simple way to ask for something and the tally the results.

Scientific Studies / Reactions

The spontaneity aspect of Surfey lends itself to studies in this regard.

Support Cases

Users can not only report issues but demonstrate them (and their level of dissatisfaction). Surfey can connect the surveyor with the respondent since we know the actual email address of both.



Therapists can prompt the viewer to provide bits of information along with healing affirmations and then connect back with the viewer if necessary.

HR Morale Surveys

Verbatims / Ad Testing

Quantify reactions to advertisements