Misc thoughts about future additions to Surfey / API

Cloudflare DNS Proxy for Surfey API

This currently DOES NOT WORK because of HTTPS strangeness (possibly SNI?) at Google

Compress Webcam Video

Use client's computing power to compress the webcam video before uploading it to the API.

Export ZIP

Generate a ZIP containing all responses in web-friendly format and named with date and email address (if available)

Mature / Guard Rails (yes|no)

Kids using to get feedback on science project, etc. and get safe responses

School Channel: Tadpoles / Seasaw / Transparent Classroom

Kid data is extremely sensitive and so Surfey's focus on genuine privacy could be a boon towards bringing ethical video collection and AI analysis into schools

Sticker Buttons

Emojis you can tap while watching a video that "stick" to the frame that's recorded in that instance

Synchronous API: Upload, Run Jobs, Output Asset

Ideally I could run this:

curl -F "sync=1" -F "job=fancy-video-transcription" -F "file=@video.mp4" -F "output=transcript.txt"

☝ And that would upload video.mp4, run the fancy-video-transcription job, wait for it to complete, and then return the transcript.txt asset.

NOTE: Only available to paying customers! This API will put some non-negligible strain on the Cloud Run instances since it will hold the connection open.